Cerracap Cares

Aspiring for Equity with the 3Es


Entrepreneurship Incubation:

Establish entrepreneurship programs to nurture and support local talent, providing resources, mentorship, and training to aspiring entrepreneurs within underserved communities.

Skill Development Workshops:

Conduct skill development workshops focused on enhancing the employability of community members, equipping them with practical skills that align with market demands and opportunities.

Microfinance and Funding Support:

Facilitate access to microfinance and funding mechanisms, empowering individuals to initiate and sustain small businesses, contributing to economic self-sufficiency and community development.

Training Programs for Skill Diversification:

Develop training programs that encourage skill diversification, enabling individuals to break traditional gender roles and pursue careers and skills traditionally considered outside their gender norms.

Workplace Equality Initiatives:

Advocate for and actively support workplace equality by working with local businesses to ensure fair wages, equal opportunities, and a safe and inclusive work environment for all genders.

Legal Advocacy:

Engage in legal advocacy to address gender-based disparities, promoting and supporting legislative measures that safeguard the rights and interests of all individuals, regardless of gender.

Investing In Change

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