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Where Investment Meets Impact

At CerraCap Cares, we're not just a foundation. We are a force for positive change.

Our approach to philanthropy is anything but ordinary.

 We believe in a world where purpose meets profit, and where every investment has the power to create meaningful change.

Our Mission

CerraCap Cares is redefining philanthropy.

To achieve a sustainable future for all, we believe that technology can be the great equalizer that facilitates the meaningful participation of all humans, especially those underserved. 

Trusted by Leading Startups

Cerracap Cares' investment portfolio reflects a commitment to addressing pressing societal issues.

  • With investments in companies like Cuentame, focused on   personalized solutions to alleviate chronic workplace stress,
  • Diall, dedicated to enhancing youth mental health, and
  • Aquagenuity, pioneering data-driven approaches to monitor national water quality.




What sets us apart?

We don’t just write checks; we invest in the future.

With your contributions, we empower companies with the resources they need to make a real difference.

A step further than charity, we call this smart investing

Investing In Change

Think of us as the venture capitalists of positive change.

Our portfolio isn’t about stocks. It’s about creating a better tomorrow. 

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    Whether you’re a company making waves of positive change or an individual looking to make a difference, we invite you to be a part of our unique approach to philanthropy.
    Imagine a world where every dollar invested is a step towards brighter future. At CerraCap Cares, we envision a global community that thrives on purpose-driven investments.

    Our History

    Founded on the belief that investing in a better world is the best investment, CerraCap Cares has a rich history of catalyzing change. Our journey is woven with stories of impact, innovation, and unwavering commitment to making a positive difference in the world.

    Team & Advisory Council


    General Partner




    Former Fist Lady Of Mexico


    Former California State Controller




    Managing Director, Global Lead At Microsoft


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    General Partner

    She holds the position of Founding Partner and General Partner at Cerracap Ventures-Cares. Her extensive career background equips her to excel in broader leadership roles. As a leader, her forte lies in simplifying solutions, creatively shaping and developing an authentic brand, influencing investors, driving fundraising, and implementing internal systems, processes, and policies. She brings with her robust relationships and alliances with global industry leaders and country leaders.

    Before joining Cerracap, Nikki played a pivotal role in revitalizing a global brand by fearlessly rewriting the marketing playbook for a technology consulting firm. In just 12 years, she propelled the company’s revenue from a mere quarter million to a billion dollars. Her comprehensive understanding of the business, future trends, competitors, and consumers enabled her to achieve significant success through effective marketing leadership. Nikki’s broad enterprise experience aligns seamlessly with the firm’s aspirations and capabilities.

    With 25 years of management experience, Nikki specializes in Brand Building, Thought Leadership, Operational Management, and Customer Relations. She excels in establishing excellence within culturally diverse environments and exhibits leadership through proactive strategic planning.

    Globally recognized for her work, Nikki is celebrated as a passionate and influential woman leader who executes and masterminds the design and development of corporate and business marketing initiatives. This includes initiatives focused on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and philanthropic corporate assets and alliances such as STEP IT UP America, NowU, Kanthari, OCRobotic, MWM, STEM Connector, all aimed at empowering and uplifting minority women in technology and entrepreneurship.

    Alongside her association with globally recognized initiatives to increase diversity, build human capital, teach, and promote entrepreneurship to young students, what currently keeps her inspired is CerraCap Cares. Serving as the heart of CerrCap Ventures, it is an extension of their “from Dreams to Impact” journey. She considers herself fortunate to play a role in this transformational journey toward a brighter future for the entrepreneurial community and investors alike.


    Mayor, City of Irvine

    Farrah N. Khan, the 23rd Mayor of Irvine since 2020, holds the distinction of being the city’s highest-voted mayor in history and a trailblazer as the first woman of color and Muslim woman to lead a major U.S. city. Re-elected for a second term in 2022, Khan’s dedication to innovation, fiscal stability, climate action, and community well-being has left an indelible mark on Irvine.

    With a background in biotech and regulatory affairs, Khan’s commitment to progress led to significant achievements during her tenure as a City Councilmember from 2018 to 2020, including spearheading the city-wide smoking ban, initiating climate action plans, and establishing Irvine’s first Community Choice Energy agency.

    As Mayor, Khan’s initiatives further solidified Irvine’s position as a leader in addressing pressing issues, such as launching COVID-19 vaccination clinics, championing diversity and inclusion efforts, and advancing mental health support through innovative programs like Be Well OC mobile response. Her leadership has attracted national attention, with notable figures visiting Irvine under her tenure.

    In her current term, Khan continues to drive impactful policies, including transit improvements, affordable housing initiatives, and support for small businesses. Her contributions to small businesses in the city and throughout Orange County have made a significant impact in retention efforts and creating new opportunities for start-ups. Her advocacy for the business community brought Special Representatives from the US Dept of State and the Deputy Administrator of the Small Business Administration to Irvine Serving on various boards and coalitions, she remains dedicated to representing Irvine’s interests on regional and national platforms.

    Mayor Khan represents the city on the CA Big City Mayors coalition, League of CA Cities, and US Conference of Mayors.


    Former First Lady of Mexico

    Born in Zamora, Michoacán, on April 10, 1953, Marta Sahagún de Fox, an incessant promoter and fighter for change in Mexico, has distinguished herself by promoting education, health and the participation of women in society, childhood, the fight against poverty and support for vulnerable groups.
    She has stood out for her capacity for dialogue and interaction in social communication and for her professionalism, which led her to be the first woman to occupy the position of spokesperson for the federal government, to later become the wife of then President Vicente Fox Quesada where he broke with the traditional image of the First Lady, by taking an active and committed role, carrying out innovative actions with great social impact.
    She currently, together with her husband, President Vicente Fox Quesada, has worked for 15 years to provide development opportunities to all Mexicans through her foundations: Fundación Vamos México and Centro Fox.


    California State Controller

    State Controller Betty T. Yee was elected in November 2014, following two terms of service on the California Board of Equalization. As Controller, she continues to serve the Board as its fifth voting member. Re-elected for a second term as Controller in 2018, Ms. Yee is only the tenth woman in California history to be elected to statewide office.

    As the state’s chief fiscal officer, Ms. Yee chairs the Franchise Tax Board and serves as a member of the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) and the California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS) Boards. These two boards have a combined portfolio of more than $620 billion. Ms. Yee also serves on the Ceres Board of Directors, a nonprofit organization working to mobilize many of the world’s largest investors to advance global sustainability and take stronger action on climate change.

    Ms. Yee serves on dozens of boards and commissions with authority ranging from land management to crime victim compensation. As a member of the State Lands Commission (and chairperson in even-numbered years), she helps provide stewardship of public-trust lands, waterways, industrial wharves, marine terminals, pipelines, and resources through economic development, protection, preservation, and restoration consistent with the state’s environmental needs. Through other financing authorities, Ms. Yee is dedicated to creating incentives to increase the number of affordable housing units, spur economic development, support pollution-control innovations, and strengthen health and educational facilities.

    Ms. Yee has more than 35 years of experience in public service, specializing in state and local finance and tax policy. Ms. Yee previously served as Chief Deputy Director for Budget with the California Department of Finance where she led the development of the Governor’s Budget, negotiations with the Legislature and key budget stakeholders, and fiscal analyses of legislation. Before this, she served in senior staff positions for several fiscal and policy committees in both houses of the California State Legislature. She also cofounded the Asian Pacific Youth Leadership Project, which exposes California high school youth to public service, public policy, and political arenas.

    A native of San Francisco, Ms. Yee received her bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of California, Berkeley, and she holds a master’s degree in public administration.



    Jennifer Segerstrom is a respected Southern California-based philanthropist who supports a diverse range of nonprofit organizations through dynamic leadership, creative vision and active volunteerism.

    For more than 22 years, her passion has focused on issues related to the visual and performing arts, hunger, children’s well-being and environmental organizations. She has spearheaded fundraising, created innovative programming, launched revenue-generating initiatives, managed large-scale events, and connected nationally recognized corporations and local businesses with nonprofits.

    Since 2004, significant contributions have included chairing and serving on the gala executive committee and in other strategic capacities for the Orange County Museum of Art and the museum’s primary fundraising galas. In partnership with her husband Anton Segerstrom, she lends expertise on the capital campaign for the museum’s acclaimed new building slated to open in 2022 on the campus of Segerstrom Center for the Arts.

    Over the last 20 years and as a current Board member and past event chair of the Harvesters, the prominent fundraising arm of the Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County, she has helped to raise awareness and millions of dollars for the food insecure.

    A member of the Segerstrom family and owner of South Coast Plaza, Jennifer also provides support to numerous philanthropic organizations through the preeminent shopping center’s community relations program.

    Jennifer believes in the importance of hands-on volunteering with her family and giving a voice to the underserved in the community. In addition, she is also committed to creating and preserving the cultural landscape of Orange County for future generations.


    MD, Late Stage Startups, Microsoft

    Shaloo Garg is MD, Growth Stage Startups & Unicorns and Global Lead for Microsoft Global Social Entrepreneurship Program. Previously, Shaloo was Partner, Global Oracle Innovation at Oracle where she led the Global Corporate Innovation practice of commercializing revenue opportunities for startups into the enterprise client base and partner ecosystem. She has also led go-to-market for Oracle’s cloud business and was part of the M&A team that acquired Peoplesoft, Siebel, Retek etc.

    Before joining Oracle, she was in a couple of early-stage startups. Shaloo is a Forbes Contributor and is passionate about Tech for Good and is President, BOD at UN Women, a ‘Champion of Innovation’ where she is spinning up virtual Innovation Labs with Schools & Universities to encourage digital literacy for young girls in developing countries. Shaloo is a Guest faculty at Penn Law and is an MBA from Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), Delhi University with Specialization in Design Thinking from Stanford d. School.

    Investing In Change

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