Expanding the CerraCap Vision of Impact 

After 5 years of successful high-return investments, CerraCap Ventures is expanding its ‘from Dreams to Impact’ vision by launching an exciting new philanthropic venture: CerraCap Cares. As first-generation immigrants, the founders of CerraCap have always dreamt of creating a legacy that could positively impact over 1B people around the globe. After successfully investing in innovative early-stage technologies in healthcare, enterprise AI and cybersecurity, CerraCap Cares expands its deep-rooted vision of impact by focusing on innovative solutions for the “3Es”.
★  Education –increasing literacy and education access for the underserved 
★  Environment –increasing access to clean water and safe air quality 
★  Empowerment –addressing fundamental disparities in wealth and gender

A Focus on the Underserved

Despite the major technological advances, we have made as a society, many people in underserved communities are not even given the opportunity to participate. Due to the arbitrariness of where each of us are born, coupled with the injustice of systemic global disparities, there is a growing need to level the playing field and to ensure all of humanity participates and has meaningful access to fundamental needs like shelter, education, and clean water. Whether a focus on the underserved is considered in a global or domestic context – ensuring the meaningful participation of all communities is critical to achieving a sustainable and equitable future for all humans.
The end goal of CerraCap Cares is thus to achieve the aspiration of technology as the leveler of disparities, unleashing the power of technology for good and ensuring the full participation of humanity through the development of uncommon partnerships, innovative alliances, and a focus on measurable impact.

A Perennial and Holistic “Return on Impact”

With the unique dual structure of both a foundation and an impact fund, CerraCap Cares creates an innovative paradigm for addressing complex global problems in a perennial and holistic manner. CerraCap Cares addresses
 the lack of sustainability in charitable by creating a legacy fund whose returns and profits will constantly be channeled towards charitable causes. Indeed, every contribution to CerraCap Cares will be amplified through a multigenerational fund structure where the principal is rolled forward – generating a perennial ‘return on impact’.
Ultimately, the most unique differentiator of CerraCap Cares is the opportunity to address complex global problems holistically with both for-profit and non-profit tools; CerraCap Cares both invests in early-stage human-centered technologies that enable innovative solutions at scale for the 3Es and provides grants and scholarships to amplify the work and reach of front-line organizations.

We believe that technology can be the great equalizer that facilitates the meaningful participation of all humans, especially the underserved, in order to achieve a sustainable future for us all.